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NanoPC-T6 Notes

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Recently I’ve been following progress on support for the Rockchip RK3588 System-on-Chip in mainline Linux. I have been using a RockPRO64 single-board computer based on Rockchip’s previous top-end SoC RK3399 for several years as a media centre running Kodi, on Debian with a mainline Linux kernel (plus some patches for improved multimedia support from the LibreELEC project). I’ve been pretty satisfied with the support for RK3399 in mainline Linux, as opposed to a vendor BSP based on an old kernel like 4. Read More...

Multipath routing with Oracle Cloud IPSec tunnel

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This weekend I figured out how to set up multipath routing with Oracle Cloud’s Site-to-Site VPN. I have been using Oracle Cloud for a while as they have a generous “Always Free” plan for their 64-bit ARM virtual servers. To create a site-to-site connection between my home network and the Oracle Cloud network, I use their IPSec Site-to-Site VPN service. This type of VPN is made up of two IPSec tunnels, with different endpoints on the Oracle side, though strangely you can only specify one IP address for the endpoint on your side of the tunnels - Oracle calls this the Customer Premises Equipment or CPE. Read More...

Making life easier with Yubikeys for browser TOTP

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Following on from the post about AWS logins with Yubikey, I also wanted to share another helpful bit of code to automate typing TOTP codes from a Yubikey into web pages on macOS. The usefulness of this is hopefully on the decline as websites migrate to WebAuthentication - which interfaces directly with a token like a Yubikey instead of requiring a code input as text, and doesn’t require this approach - but TOTP codes are still used by many sites at the time of writing. Read More...


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