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emitSMS plugin for Mac OS X Address

by sigmaris on September 14th, 2009

In the distant past, the Address Book app in Mac OS X Tiger could send mobile SMS messages directly from within the app, if you paired your mobile phone with your Mac via Bluetooth. Along came Leopard, and the feature mysteriously vanished without trace or explanation, and hasn’t reappeared since. Missing the feature, I found a roundabout replacement in the emitSMS dashboard widget. It offers SMS sending via Bluetooth and can also search the Address Book for phone numbers. Having seen that the source code for emitSMS was released, I adapted the backend into a plugin for Address to provide the missing former functionality.

Download, unzip and place the plugin in /Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/ and restart Address Book. You should then be able to click on a phone number on a person’s card and select “Send SMS via Bluetooth” to send them a SMS.

Screen shot of emitSMS Address Book pluginThe source code is also available, under the same MIT license as the original emitSMS source code.


The plugin should be compatible with Address Book in Leopard and Snow Leopard.

To use the plugin (or the emitSMS widget, in fact) you need to set up a virtual serial port over Bluetooth to your phone. This will normally be set up automatically by OS X when you pair your phone with your Mac, but the serial ports can be edited in the Bluetooth panel in System Preferences if necessary. (edit: No longer necessary in the latest version, all you need to do is pair your phone with your Mac).

After you select a port to use in the pop-up menu, it will test the port for SMS sending capabilities. The port will only be usable if the test succeeds. Some phones seem to be a little flaky when communicating via Bluetooth and require the test to be run a few times before it can establish a connection successfully. If it fails initially, try clicking on the port again.

If ‘Long Messages’ is not enabled your messages will be limited to 160 characters (or 70 characters if you use symbols outside the standard GSM set, e.g. ^ ). Not all phones support the sending of long messages (actually splitting the message into several SMSs). Additionally, not all phones support requesting delivery receipts.

In general, if your phone works with the emitSMS dashboard widget, it should work with this plugin as the same underlying method is used to send the SMSs.

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  1. Works well with 10.5.8 and Sony j105 … Thanks for your good work.

  2. Wey hey! this plugin also works on 10.6.3 with j105 …lovely.

    I just remembered AB used to pop up a box with incoming messages and you could reply.

  3. MArk permalink

    Aargh I messed it up somehow and now the thing hangs on testing ports.
    Apple bluetooth ‘port setup’ does not help me fix. Nor does to “rm /dev xyz.tty”
    If you don’t mind: how can I remove whatever deep down prefs were generated and start again?

    • sigmaris permalink

      Hi Mark,

      If you open ~/Library/Preferences/ in a property list editor and remove the key “BluetoothSMSSerialPort” that erases the only setting the plugin uses. It’ll also erase this if you delete the phone entirely from the list of Bluetooth devices paired with your Mac, then open the AddressBook plugin.

  4. Paul permalink


    There are no address book plug-ins in the main library. Only in the user/library/address book plug-in

    I pasted it in the the user library but no sms seen in the address book


    • sigmaris permalink

      It should still work if it’s in the Library/Address Book Plug-Ins folder in your user folder. If you find someone’s number in Address Book, then left-click on the title for the number (i.e. the bit that says ‘home’ or ‘work’ or ‘mobile’) then a popup menu should appear and ‘Send SMS via Bluetooth’ should be on the menu.

  5. Fan permalink

    Awsome plugin ….. thanks!

  6. thanks thanks thanks, works well with a lion, yeees thanks again

  7. Sasha permalink

    I loved your page! <3

  8. Tony permalink

    Thanks, buddy! Works like a clock! GBU!

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