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emitSMS Address Book Plugin updated

by sigmaris on October 1st, 2009

The emitSMS plugin for Address Book has been updated to use native Mac OS methods to access the phone over Bluetooth, rather than using an emulated serial port. This should make it less flaky when used under Snow Leopard. You can get the updated plugin here, and the new source code is here.

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  1. Thank you for keeping it alive!
    I had really no luck using emitSMS because after the first SMS, Bluetooth communication with the phone was unsuccessful.

    Now using your version, sending SMS is easy and always possible, but the interface hang displaying the wheel and the message “sending 1 messages…” as in the picture I uploaded here:

    Any ideas? I’m running Snow Leopard (10.6.1)

  2. dschneiderch permalink

    I tried the 2009-10-1 version and the ‘debug’ version and neither worked. The widget v 1.99 doesn’t work either. The widget says “Unable to reset connection” and the plugin fails to open the port properly. This would be a great feature! 10.5.8

  3. sky permalink

    hallo and thx for your work! nice.
    emitsms in dashboard works with 10.6.1 and nokia 6300 and port bluetooth modem.
    the plugin shows not the bluetooth modem option.
    the fon works with the com port but hangs after sending sms.
    any help?

  4. Frank permalink

    Problems with emitSMS widget and ABplugin: First sms is OK, then I get the error. My phone is a Nokia N73, my Apple a MBP (Intel). Had no problems with the widget and my MBP G4.
    I really hope you can fix this, I like to type my messages with a full keyboard…

    I have an ABSMSPlugin.log, the most interesting bit is “+CMS ERROR: 500”.

  5. Maas permalink

    I get this error
    Failed: got reply”+CMS ERROR:500″ to send command

    I can send fine from the dashboard widget via and older Nokia 6263

  6. Adam permalink

    Looks like the German site hosting this widget are out of business, site is down. Anybody know of a mirror for the latest version? Or want to put one up? It’s always been a patchy widget this one, often works, often not.

  7. daniele permalink

    after the first everything worhed fine as expected.
    There is a small annoying point:
    If I change the bluetooth setting on my phone
    and I do “authorize” my computer to connetc AUTOMATICALLY
    to the phone without asking a confirmation, the connection does not work.
    If i change the option and I do NOT authorize automatically the phon, and thus I have to confirm the connectio every time, It works again.

    Any Hint or suggestion as a work around?


    • sigmaris permalink

      Hi Daniele,

      Can you try installing the ‘Debug’ version from instead? Then try using the plugin in the situation where it fails, i.e. when the computer is authorised to connect automatically, and send me the debugging log file generated in your home directory (ABSMSPlugin.log). I’ll have a look and try and figure out why it’s failing.

  8. Vektrox permalink

    Très bon plugin, mais n marche pas avec mon motorola KRZR, une idée ??

    Very good plugin, but doesn’t N go with my Motorola KRZR, an idea??

  9. alek permalink

    im using leopard, I cant find the /library/address book plug ins

    any idea?

    • sigmaris permalink

      If the directory isn’t present, you can try creating it (make sure it is named exactly “Address Book Plug-Ins” )

  10. Greetings, and thank you for your (potentially) fine bit of work. I have a problem, but I think it may be my stupidity. A short message (fifty words?) works fine, but anything over that results in ‘Failed: got reply “ERROR” to send command’.

    Snow leopard and Nokia C6-01.

    Any useful hints or tips. Thanks,


    • sigmaris permalink

      Can you try replacing the plugin with the ‘debug’ version from and try sending a long text message that fails, then send me the ABSMSPlugin.log file that it creates in your home directory? I might be able to figure out where it’s going wrong from that, and fix it.
      Are you using the ‘long messages’ mode (to send a message split over several SMSes)? Some phones don’t support that option; it varies depending on the model, and I don’t have many samples to test with, unfortunately.

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