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emitSMS plugin update

by sigmaris on January 16th, 2010

The emitSMS plugin has been updated with a small new feature – it will now strip out dashes and spaces from your phone numbers in Address Book before sending them to the phone, as most phones don’t seem to accept numbers in this format. Grab the new version here.

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  1. Great! Thanks.

  2. Daniel permalink

    It works, thank you very much!

  3. Fred permalink

    Hi, thank you for the great job.
    Quesiton, is there a place where the plugin save the messages sent, or a log, or something to keep a track of theses messages ?

    Thank you

  4. tobias permalink

    hi –

    i can’t get this to work. I have installed your latest update and am getting a “+ cms error 38” message on send. I tried with two SE phones, W810i and W850i. Fyi, I use standard ITU phone number formatting in address book, as +cc (ac) nnnnnnn (where cc is country code, ac is area code and n is number). This works perfectly with the emitsms widget v1.99, so I wonder why it doesn’t with your plugin…?

    Can you help? Best regards

    • sigmaris permalink

      Please try the latest version (2.3) as it now strips out parentheses as well as dashes from the number before sending.

  5. Hei,
    thanks a lot for your great work!!
    I’ve a question. I’m searching for a way to receive SMS via Bluetooth (maybe notification via growl?!) on my mac.
    Do you know a way to solve this?
    Many thanks for help!

    • sigmaris permalink

      This plugin connects to the phone briefly to send a SMS, then disconnects. To receive SMS on a Mac via Bluetooth would be more complex; the Mac would need to establish a persistent connection to the phone and set the phone to inform it of any arriving SMS, then process messages sent back from the phone over the Bluetooth connection. I know of a program, BluePhone Elite, which is capable of doing this and a lot more, but I don’t know of any freeware software that will do it. Hope this helps.

  6. Johannes permalink


    installed the plugin and it can send the first sms without problems. But it doesnt close the connection to the phone so the next sms wont send. It just keeps on saying sending…

    I’m using the plugin with a Nokia 6131

  7. serjio permalink

    it doesn’t support 10.6, does it?

  8. Fantastic Plugin!

    One suggestion add a donation button on your website 🙂

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