A handy reference list of GSS-API mechanism OIDs

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This is more for my own reference, but might be useful for others. 1.2.840.113554.1.2.2 – Kerberos v5 – RFC 1964 1.2.840.48018.1.2.2 – Kerberos V5 (incorrect, used by old Windows versions) – SPNEGO – RFC 4178 – IAKERB – draft-ietf-kitten-iakerb-03 – NTLM SSP – Heimdal:lib/gssapi/oid.txt – SCRAM-SHA-1 – RFC 5802 – SCRAM-SHA-256 – RFC 7677* – GSS-EAP (arc) – RFC 7055 – PKU2U – draft-zhu-pku2u-09 Read More...

Student Tech Meetup talk

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On Wednesday, I gave a talk at the Student Techmeetup here in Edinburgh on DS homebrew development. As promised, I’ve uploaded the slides from that talk as a PDF here, with links to a few tutorials and resources included in them, along with some notes.

emitSMS plugin update

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The emitSMS plugin has been updated with a small new feature – it will now strip out dashes and spaces from your phone numbers in Address Book before sending them to the phone, as most phones don’t seem to accept numbers in this format. Grab the new version here.