Student Tech Meetup talk

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On Wednesday, I gave a talk at the Student Techmeetup here in Edinburgh on DS homebrew development. As promised, I’ve uploaded the slides from that talk as a PDF here, with links to a few tutorials and resources included in them, along with some notes.

Deflektor remake for Nintendo DS

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Here is a project I’ve been working on for a few weeks to learn more about DS homebrew coding. It’s a remake of Deflektor, an old puzzle game that I played on the Amiga. I’ve tried to keep the retro feel of the original while updating it to use the touchscreen interface. The aim is to rotate the mirrors () to reflect the laser beam from the source () to blow up all the triggers () and then enter the target (). Read More...

DesMuME for Mac OS X with GDB stub support

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I’ve built a Mac (Intel) binary of DesMuME, from the latest SVN code, with a patch to enable masscat’s GDB stub. With it you can load a homebrew rom, connect to DesMuME with the copy of GDB that’s provided with devkitARM, and start debugging your homebrew code while it’s running in the emulator. For more details check out this post on the official forums. The binary can be found here, and the modified parts of the source code can be downloaded here. Read More...