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Two-factor authentication with Mac OS X and OpenSC part 2

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This is the second part of the guide to smartcard-based authentication on Mac OS X. In this part of the guide, I’m going to assume that following Part 1, you have installed OpenSC, initialised your smartcard, and loaded or generated some certificates and private keys onto it. Now I’m going to show you how to use the card for actual authentication.


Two-factor authentication with Mac OS X and OpenSC part 1

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Interested in using a smartcard for secure two-factor authentication on OS X? What about E-mail signing and encryption, SSH key authentication, and more? All of these applications are possible, using the built-in smartcard support in OS X and open source software. What follows is the first part of a guide to using smartcards on OS X, using software from the OpenSC Project.


A Service for unmounting volumes in OS X

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A little while ago I had a problem. My phone is a Sony Ericsson K800i, with 64MB of internal storage and a slot for Memory Stick expansion storage. I was using it as an MP3 player, and so had an 8GB memory stick in there to store MP3s. When I connected it to my Mac in USB drive mode to transfer files, it appeared in the Finder as two storage devices, one for the internal storage and one for the memory stick. Read More...


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